Rollout has never been easier

You know how it is: Rolling out large networking projects usually requires the individual configuration of each of the various components such as access points, routers, switches or firewalls. This often takes place on-site at the various locations and branch offices, each one requiring the support of an IT specialist.

All of which adds up to significant costs and time consumption! What’s more: Having to manually configure the individual devices means that integrating new hardware is also significantly more susceptible to errors.

But there is a much easier and more secure method. Our LANCOM Management Cloud Rollout Assistant shows you the way.

What is different about the LANCOM Management Cloud?

Before we begin, I would briefly like to explain the two most important features that make rollouts with the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) so different from the “classic” way—after all, the LMC is the world’s first hyper-integrated management system for the intelligent organization, optimization and control of your WAN, LAN, WLAN and security. First, the LMC uses software-defined networking technology: The automated configuration replaces the time-consuming configuration of individual devices. Second, a rollout with the LMC is performed with zero-touch deployment. All you need to do on location is to position the device and connect it up. The rest is taken care of by the LMC itself, thanks to auto-configuration.

Achieve your targets quickly, easily and securely

The LANCOM Management Cloud Rollout Assistant is a web application. It supports the rollout process via the LMC in the simplest possible way. All you need on location or at the branch office is a smartphone, tablet or notebook. There is just one requirement: The devices must have a camera and a functioning Internet connection, e.g. via LTE. Then in just a few steps, access points, routers, switches or firewalls automatically connect to the LANCOM Management Cloud, where they are assigned to a project and configured. The process is as simple as it is ingenious: Connect the device physically (WAN/LAN), make sure it has power, scan the serial number and cloud PIN, select the project in the LMC, assign it to a location, enter its properties such as the device name, address etc.—and you’re done! The device automatically pairs with the LMC and receives its configuration.

The LANCOM Management Cloud uses the assigned location to determine which configuration should be installed on the device. The auto configuration created by the SDN is rolled out by the LMC completely independently. It’s simple and secure!

Even a layperson can do it

The LANCOM Management Cloud Rollout Assistant eliminates the need for an IT specialist on site. Any layperson can perform the process on a smartphone, tablet or notebook. It could be the electrician who mounts and connects the device, or any other employee on location. Specialist resellers or distributors can send the devices directly to the locations. This saves even more time, because the devices require no pre-configuration.

Find out how the LANCOM Management Cloud Rollout Assistant works in detail with our video:

Read our techpaper for further details on the LANCOM Management Cloud Rollout Assistant, including information about other rollout approaches that the LMC offers you. It’s worth a read—guaranteed!

As you can see, the Rollout Assistant even makes the rollout of large networking projects less of a strain on the nerves and it saves on costs and time. So implement your next project in a more time-saving, cost-efficient and secure manner than ever before. Be sure to take a look for yourself.

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