My name is Stefan Herrlich, I am Managing Partner at LANCOM Systems, and I would like to introduce you to our new blog LANCOMWIRE.


LANCOM Managing Partner Stefan Herrlich ©LANCOM/Martin Rottenkolber

Let me tell you first who LANCOM is, what we do, and what our vision is. We are a German manufacturer of high-quality, professional network solutions. Our headquarters are situated in Würselen, Germany, with offices located throughout Europe. We offer professional users secure and reliable infrastructures for local-area and multi-site networks – wired and wireless. In our home market we rank second, right behind the US market leader.

Our core product range – routers, gateways, Wi-Fi infrastructure solutions – is developed, manufactured and tested in Germany adhering to highest standards of security, privacy and quality. From the development of our products through to support, we combine the necessary know-how under one roof to make sure that we – and our solutions – are a truly trustworthy partner for our customers.

As a German company, we are closely connected to the European IT market and its customers with all of their specific requirements and needs. Over the years, we have expanded gradually and today we sell our products increasingly across the European Union and beyond.

But why another network technology blog? Aren’t there enough Wi-Fi gurus and Hotspot 3.0 bloggers out there already? Maybe – but LANCOMWIRE has a slightly different approach.

Well, to start with the name; it is a combination of our company name and the word “wire”. The last part might strike as odd when thinking of a company selling wireless technology, but let me explain: First, we sell not only wireless network components, our portfolio includes much more. And second, the term “wire” also has the original meaning of “telegram” referring to the early days of telecommunications. Nowadays it is also associated with a “news-wire” delivering the latest news.

So by combining these ideas we wanted to show that we cover not just a single topic, but we keep in touch with the latest trends in networking – wireless and wired. And there is a lot going on! From “simple” technology trends to truly disruptive approaches changing the way we work and live at an ever accelerating speed!

Last but not least, we are deeply rooted in the tradition of the European telecommunications market. Unlike other companies we did not suddenly start thinking about security and trustworthiness two years ago as a result of Edward Snowden’s NSA disclosures. On the contrary: security and trust have been part of our DNA for years.

I would like to invite and encourage you to follow this blog. We have a lot to tell and show from our – quite possibly unique – European perspective.